Weekly AkibaWord – Moé

Are you deeply looking for the meaning of the word Moé?

Shuffle girls — This is exactly MOE!

What exactly is MOE ?!

I guess Wikipedia doesn’t have enough explanation to explain what’s the deeper meaning of MOE! acdg. to Akiba Blog.

According to Akiba blog(eng):

“Moe English Vocabulary Workbook” Has Animenized

Moé – Originally used to express feelings of loving something- especially, when otaku is crazy about bishojo (cute ladies) characters, they say “Moe.” Sometimes, it can be used to show the sexual excitement. Well, if you have read AkibaBlog, you know it, don’t ya?

About 10 years ago, “Moe” was a slang used only by Otaku, but today, the word is widely recognized in the society through mass media, and thus, the word “Moe” has been used in the whole world of “bishojo” (manga, anime, game, etc). Especially, when businesses of game, anime, doujinshi, etc, have gotten bigger in Akihabara as well as spreading of internet, we started hearing the word “Moe” a lot.

Today, “Moe” has, even though it’s very little, an effect in the economy of Japan- it has become an important business little by little. Not only for a primal “Moe” genre such as PC bishojo games that have extreme sexual expressions, galge (console game), anime, or figure, but also mentioning “Moe” in a workbook, Moe English Vocabulary Workbook, which was just released, or being used in our real life- for Maid at Maid Café.

When “Moe” becomes that big, it gets an important position among subcultures in the business world so that some serious researchers release how “Moe” effects for the economic growth.

Like I have talked about, “Moe Market” has become larger and larger; therefore, there are so many choices of “Moe.” This has led to open different kinds of Moe World for Otaku- even a word, “Moe Zokusei” (an attribute of Moe), was born. The typical “Moe Zokusei” are “girls wearing glasses,” “girls having twin tails,” “Iincho girls (chairwomen),” “Tsundere girls,” etc. The word is used to explain what kind of girls you are dying for specifically.

Nowadays, everything that has an illustration of a cute girl has become “Moe” even though there is no relation to “Moe.” Writing bishojo, many packages just write “Moe xxx” and mass-produce them. So, what would happen to “Moe” next year or the year after next? But anyway, if you walk around the city of Akihabara, you are able to meet the most advanced “Moe”!!!

Moe stuffs all over

“Moe” on a Package of Pickles

A Guide Book of “Moe Spots”

Source: Akiba-blog(Eng)

2 Responses to “Weekly AkibaWord – Moé”

  1. 1 KikumaruEiji Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Cool explanation tnx!

  2. 2 BGZ-Durel Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Nice explanation. I pretty obsessed with everything Moe any who =p I just collect everything I can get my hands on.

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