Weekly AkibaWords: Tsundere

If I were to choose what next type of moé I like the most, it’s my favorite, but you’re not thinking, are you? Another weekly akibaword from Akibablog.

What is TSUNDERE all about?

It is an internet slang used to define one seikaku. You can describe one by simply if it is —

1. Cute

2. Love

3. I’ll gonna make you mine

Simplest meaning…

Moe = Cute
Tsundere = Character who loves someone but always denies it.

Cute things are special for example when the kitten is so cute that you fall in love with it and want to marry it, that is what you call moé.

At first, tsundere is used as “combative character at first, and becomes sweet later” tsundere is also used as “sometimes combative, and sweet” or “combative superficially, but fact of the matter is sweet”. In short, tsundere is a girl who is not obedient to her own romance.

Tsundere on Wiki

Rie Kugimiya trio Tsundere

Shana in Kimono

A lovely pose… aahh Moé..

Did I post a wrong picture?

Onto Akibablog, their seeling much of Tsudere loots, I want to have one to look for my very own Tsundere Character.

The Tsundere Illustrated Reference Book
Let’s Find Your Favorite Tsundere Character!?

Woah, a real human Tsundere.

Tsun above and Dere below

Pictures from: Hontoni, Akiba(eng)

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