Top Doujinshi in Akiba

Hakurei Jinjya Reitaisai festival of displaying & sales of new doujinshi of Toho.

Doujin shops in Akiba on the day was ” the number of customers could be similar as Comike.”

There are many newly written Toho Doujinshi ranked on this week’s ranking. At Toranoana 1st Branch & Melonbooks Akihabara, eight out of ten doujinshi were Toho doujinshi.

Toranoana 1st Branch Doujinshi Ranking,

Top listing doujins. 8/10 were Toho Doujins.

1. Toho Shikashu 3 by Circle Toranoana & Hakurei Jinjya Office
2. Toho Machi no Jyunintachi –Shunka Shuntou- by Circle FLIPFLOPs
3. Omakebon Soushuuhen 1 by Circle Nakayohi Mogudan
4. Sansan Gensoukyou by Circle Mizutataki
5. Kaze ga Otoshita Kajitsuno Youna by Circle Aozora Ichiba
6. Chikai by Circle Dioxin
7. En ni Itaru Vol.2 by Circle Iyokan
8. Toho Waha by Circle Utsura Uraraka
9. Happy Eden 6 by Circle ciaociao
10. Distantskies by Circle EnHANCE HEART

Messe Sahoo 3rd Branch Doujinshi Ranking

1. Inusakuya no Hon by Circle ANGELTYPE
2. Beautiful Illusion 03 by Circle FOOL’s ART GALLERY
3. Goshujin-sama no Meiro Robo by Circle Kaikinisshoku
4. Behavior by Circle Fantasy Wind
5. Metabo!! by Circle Yago no Ana
6. Anata wo Yurushimasenwa by Circle Lover’s
7. Suitei iDOL by Circle Chitose Karasuyama Daini Shucchoujyo
8. Chu! Gakusei Nikki 3 by Circle Nihoon Teikoku Toshokan
9. RE07 by Circle Rubbish Senbetsutai
10. Taida Life Spindle 2 by Circle Omokaji Ippai Ippai

Melonbooks Akihabara Doujinshi Ranking

1. Toho Machi no Jyunintachi –Shunka Shuntou- by Circle FLIPFLOPs
2. Yagokoro Kenkyushitsu by Circle Ishikiriya
3. Gensougou Hyakumonogatari by Circle Hyakugo Seisaku Iinkai
4. En ni Itaru Vol.2 by Circle Iyokan
5. Jitsuyouteki Nano… by Circle Kindan Douwa
6. PLUS ALPHA –Domuru 402 Toho Project Soushuhen- by Circle Domuru 402
7. Sansan Gensoukyou by Circle Mizutataki
8. Kero-chan Dendouki by Circle Kooriame
9. Nineteens Clock Up! by Circle Kamogawaya
10. SkyFish by Circle Letra

Source: en.Akibablog


2 Responses to “Top Doujinshi in Akiba”

  1. 1 meganeshounen Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    The amount of fan attention that Touhou has really amazes me. ^_^

    Too bad I couldn’t figure out which series were those other doujinshi based off. I can only make out the 9th from the 1st Toranoana branch… which is a Hayate no Gotoku doujinshi.

  2. 2 JanCarlo Friday, April 24, 2009 at 10:15 am

    That’s great but, Does anyone know where I can download Beautiful Illusion 1 2 3 4 5?


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