Eroge, understand it!

A piece of Eroge?

Aekanaru Sekai no Owarini


Click if you’re 18y/o and above.

It’s not just a plain straight game! If you don’t understand try to get a translator or make yourself study the language instead,

either way, you’ll finally get to understand this. There are expectations than meets the eye, that’s getting pawned! Anyways, this is the lists for games buy it if you already graduated from JLPP or other Japanese classes.

Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteru

As said Eroge is a dream-like game that fulfills boys’ desires. The city of Akiba, which is filled with all the dreams of boys, is of course, full of Eroge.

I like the tsundere below.

Very true indeed, and actually it is. Eroge is straight nonetheless a full beauty for those who love anime girls with their dreams.

I don’t actually hate the real thing but it sort out to disgust me, I know such games that are more thrilling on my part and ‘I know what are you think of’ more especially with the you-know-what-part of the scene of the game, there are stories, beautiful girls and added description:

In Japan, about 550 Eroge are released in a year. If you wanna say “that many! I don’t know which one I should pick!”

I won’t hesistate to buy all of that except those which are not so enjoyable game by reading comments and other suggestions also when it is definitely bad, people now save money for the good ones.

Other thing, a research showed that popular Japanese Eroge in foreign countries are illusionary works. These days, most Japanese Eroge try not to pursue the eros straightforward but to pursue the scenario in order players to enjoy the story. There are lots of fans of Japanese erotic anime, but many foreigners cannot understand the story since it is made in Japanese. So, I am thinking that why the illusionary Eroge are popular outside Japan is because foreigners can enjoy those Eroge without understanding Japanese completely.

That’s one thing for sure, that’s why it’s better to study Japanese language for this matter *rofl*.

Source: Akibablog

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1 Response to “Eroge, understand it!”

  1. 1 Rakuen Sunday, December 7, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    An eroge without story is just stupid, so yes, plot must make sense and god bless eros.

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