Tales of Vesperia – A great tale of Namco Bandai


PV of Tales of Vesperia on XBOX360

Before news on IGN

Produced by Namco Bandai Games Japan and still making a lot of ‘Tales’ and very similar to the Tales of the Abyss, and the boy protagonist here is the guy version of Tear of TotA. Now where’s kick-ass Luke?

Sadly for the PS2 or PS3 users, the game was released on the XBOX360 last August 7th on Japan following up on the North-America release on Aug. 26 and quoted “the ‘Tales of’ this series which has been leading RPG world.

Having the first full HD anime, having the best scenario of its series, and an event movie.

“Sofmap Main Branch wrote “the most beautiful Tales arrived!” accdg to them.

Also you can check out the bonuses article here which will be adding up with their 10th anniversary celebration of the Tales franchise on the North America.

Source: IGN, Akiba-blog


1 Response to “Tales of Vesperia – A great tale of Namco Bandai”

  1. 1 Endoru Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    Looks like a great game. The only sad thing about the game is its european 2009 release date. Tales of the abyss was originally, at least I think it was, planned for release in europe. I even preordered it from gameseek.co.uk, but got an email some weeks later stating the game was cancelled for europe :S . . . I did end up buying FFXII though.

    Of course, there is no excuse for piracy, but when they withdraw a game, which would undoubtly sell well in europe, I think a downloaded image for HDL is justified. I would have bought it, given the chance to do so 🙂

    So, let’s hope they don’t forget us european RPG lovers, and release the game in europe too.

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