Fall Anime ’08 ver.2

Now’s the time of ‘Fall’ and there will be about 35 random anime that will be airing this fall, I hope many will turn out good, and we’re starve for this. Gundam 00, Nodame Cantabile Paris, Clannad ~After Story~ for the sequel, and new names like Toradora made by Yuyuko Takemiya, and some game adaptation like Tales of Abyss, Chaos;Head and more girls will rock, I’ll be expecting harem, more girls, and more adventure for this season.

As for the fansubs who will be fansubbing this anime.


October 1st, 2008, Official Website

Based on a light novel series by Yuyuko Takemiya, illustrated by Yasu.

Toradora!’s story begins with the male protagonist Ryuuji Takasu who is frustrated at trying to improve his look as he enters his second year of high school. Despite his gentle personality, he has a natural outer-appearance which makes him look like an intimidating delinquent so he is utterly hopeless about his chances of getting a girlfriend anytime soon, and does not have many close friends either. After being greeted by his hungover mother in the morning, Ryuuji goes to school and finds out that he is in the same class as his best friend Yuusaku Kitamura. But what makes him extremely happy is that he gets to be in the same class as his crush Minori Kushieda. However, it is then that he unexpectedly knocks into “the creature ranked most dangerous in the school” — Taiga Aisaka —, who goes by the nickname “Palmtop Tiger” and who just happens to also be in his class.

Taiga has a negative attitude towards others and will not hesitate to snap at people. After a series of misunderstandings between Ryuuji and Taiga, Ryuuji is taken in by Taiga as her personal servant. Taiga had moved out to live on her own due to family issues and isn’t able to do any housechores. After discovering the state of her apartment Ryuuji, who has a real talent at domestic chores, decided to do all of her housechores. Taiga spends a lot of her time over at his house, so much so that she could almost be considered a member of his family. Since Ryuuji spends a lot of time with Taiga, he is opened up to her world and to a side of her that most people do not see. The two also attempt to help each other in order to improve their relationship with their crush (Taiga has a crush on Ryuuji’s best friend, Yuusaku, and Ryuuji has a crush on Taiga’s best friend, Minori). Unknown to them, however, people they know from school start to become curious about their strange relationship together and rumors begin to spread about them.

Clannad ~After Story~

October 2, 2008. Official Website

Events in After Story take place immediately upon Tomoya graduating high school. After declaring his love to Nagisa, they begin to have a close relationship. BUT, Nagisa is hiding a secret from Tomoya and the truth of it will change their lives forever.

Tales of the Abyss

October 3, 2008. Official Website

Luke fon Fabre, the son of Duke Fabre of the Kimlasca Kingdom, is 17 years old. He is the Light of the Sacred Flame who is destined to bring prosperity to Kimlasca. But since being kidnapped seven years ago by the Malkuth empire, he has been kept confined to the Fabre family mansion. The shock of the kidnapping erased all of Luke’s memories prior to the event. But one fateful day, a mysterious woman breaks into the mansion and sets off a chain of events that will change the world forever…


October 9, 2008. Official Website

Based on a Japanese visual novel developed by 5bp and Nitroplus, Chaos;Head is a delusional murder mystery story, with strong elements of gore, psychology and science fiction. The game uses a feature called a “delusional trigger”, which allows the player adjust the ‘realness’ or ‘surrealness’ of the perspective of the main character, which directly affects the storyline.

The main character, Takumi is a troubled young man who struggles to distinguish reality from his delusions, while being pursued by the perpetrator of a series of bloody murders, (or so he thinks). His travels take him in and around Shibuya, Tokyo and his adventures bring him in contact with various scientific themes such as the concepts of matter, antimatter, and the Dirac sea.

The story has been serialized in the manga magazine Dengeki Daioh. A second manga adaptation (described as a side story) will appear in the Sept ‘08 issue of Comic Alive.

Yozakura Quartet

October 2, 2008. Official Website

Based on a shounen manga by Yasuda Suzuhito serialised in Shounen Sirius.

Akina, Hime, Kotoha, and Ao are four members of the Hiizumi Seikatsu Soudan Jimusho (Hiizumi’s Everyday-life Consultation Office), which, in addition to helping kindergarteners deal with tough times, strives to preserve the peace of their little town, Sakurashin, by hunting down the troublemakers who dare threaten it.

Hime is a superheroine. Ao can read minds. Kotoha can conjure up anything with the right word. And Akina…well, he’s just a regular guy, surrounded by three supergirls! Together, they protect the town of Sakurashin. But that’s not easy, as the town faces demon dogs and other supernatural threats!

Casshern Sins

October 1, 2008. Official Website

Remake of Shinzou Ningen Casshan.
Cassern is about a cyborg who rises against the robotic armies that have subjugated all of humanity.


October 1, 2008. Official Website

Based on a shounen manga by Haruaki Katou which is serialised online on
Hyakko is a manga whose main heroines were four girls when the story started. But as the story goes, many unique classmates show up. Those girls sometimes twist the heroine around their little finger or vise versa. In many situations, they all have noisy get-togethers with each other, and that is really fun.

Shikabane Hime: Aka

October 2, 2008. Official Website

The title “Corpse Princess” belongs to Makina Hoshimura, an undead girl who seeks to hunt down 108 corpses in order to go to heaven.

Kuro Shitsuj

October 2, 2008. Official Website

Based on a shounen manga by Toboso Yana, serialised in GFantasy.

One of the noble families of England Phantomhive’s butler Sebastian Michaels
has got unquestionably perfect knowledge, manners, talent with materials, martial arts et cetera but is also able to serve a 12 year old master.

Wearing a grey tailcoat, gracefully brewing the worlds strongest red tea, please read on to see how such a perfect butler copes with such a master…

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

October 2, 2008. Official Website

In order to protect the girl Yuuhi Katagiri, a new transfer student, from danger, Junichi Nagase is forced to kiss her. Not understanding what happend, she screams at him, not knowing that her father has arranged for her to marry him.

Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh

October 2, 2008. Official Website

Youkow Osada’s Ten no Haoh – Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden manga spinoff (pictured at left) will be animated as a series this fall. Unlike most of the previous Fist of the North Star anime, this story focuses not on the protagonist Kenshiro, but on the early life of his oldest brother and frequent enemy Raoh. Osada’s manga ran from 2006 to 2007 in Comic Bunch magazine and was compiled into five volumes.

Michiko to Hatchin

October 15, 2008. Official Website

Michiko is a free-willed “sexy diva” who destroys a supposedly inescapable fortress, while Hatchin is a girl fleeing her strict foster parents. The two join forces on an improbable escape to freedom.

Kyou no Go no Ni

October 5, 2008. Official Website

This one-volume manga by Sakuraba Coharu portrays the fifth grade in a… different light. The chapters ran in Young Magazine, a relatively small publication, and were then released in volume form, when it gained some cult following.

What makes this manga particularly unique is not it’s characters, which represent fairly run-of-the-mill manga personalities like those found in FLCL, Azumanga, and even Sister Princess–which should give you a pretty good idea of what does make this manga interesting: the perfect blend of school humor, plain ridiculousness, and raging sexual innuendo.

Ah, fifth grade like you wish you remembered it!

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 2nd Season

October 5, 2008. Official Website

2312 A.D. Four years have passed since the final battle between Celestial Being and the UN Forces. Humanity, after having established the Earth Sphere Federation, forms an independent security force, Arrows, separate from the formal Federation army to further unify nations and the will of mankind. But the reality is the inhumane oppression of anti-government powers, doctrines, and ideologies in the name of unity. Setsuna F. Seiei, after surviving the battle four years ago, has decided to once again fight with his Gundam.

Ga-Rei: Zero

October 5, 2008. Official Website

Freshman Nimura Kensuke has the ability to see ghosts, and his life changes when he meets Kagura, a girl with the power to summon a “Ga-Rei” called Byakuei. The two work together to find evil spirita and devour them with the Ga-Rei.

Macademi Wasshoi!

October 5, 2008. Official Website

Magician’s Academy revolves around Takuto Hasegawa, who attends a magic academy that is not marked on any map. During a summoning spell exam, he accidentally creates a girl named Tanarot, who happends to hold enough magical power to destroy his country, but fortunately Tanarot professes undying loyalty to her “creator.”

Skip Beat!

October 5, 2008. Official Website

Kyoko has devoted her life to Shotaro. When Shotaro came to Tokyo to debut as a singer, she followed him and worked to provide for him. But one day, Kyoko overhears Shota telling his manager that Kyoko means nothing to him. She’s just convenient, a housekeeper. This makes Kyoko furious, and she vows revenge on Shotaro. But Shotaro just laughs at her, saying she won’t be able to touch him because he’s now a popular singer and she’s a nobody. So Kyoko decides to get into showbiz and become even more popular than Shotaro to humiliate him. Unfortunately, Shotaro has destroyed Kyoko’s ability to love, and she discovers that it is a prerequisite for her to debut from her chosen company, LME. The president of LME puts her into a new section made for those who caught his eye but have something missing. It’s name… Love Me Section. On her way to become a pro actress she’s meeting new people like Kanae Kotonami, Maria Takarada, Yukihito Yashiro and the important person in this story – Ren Tsuruga.


October 7, 2008. Official Website

A story of obsessive love and constant pursue told over a 1000 year period. Escaping from a brother who had just ascended the throne, Yoshitsune, along with his servant, comes across a house in the middle of a desolate mountain. Oddly enough, only a young woman lives there, who seems to possess a very dark and ominous past.

It starts out with Kurou meeting the beautiful women by the name of Kuromitsu, thus began a relationship which transcends life and memories. A journey of immortals and those who chase after it. The majority of this story takes place a few centuries into the future where Kurou is separated from Kuromitsu and is left without memories. He then begins a search for answers to as to who he is, why he is unable to die and who was the women he is so transfixed upon.

One Outs

October 7, 2008. Official Website

The story begins when Hiromichi Kojima, the star batter of the fictional Lycaons in Japan’s Pacific League, heads to the southern Japanese island of Okinawa to train and bring himself out of a slump. There, he meet Tōa Tokuchi, a 134-kmph (83 miles per hour) pitcher and the undisputed king of a gambling form of baseball called “One Out.” At Kojima’s urging, Tokuchi signs up with the Lycaons under an unusual contract: he gets 5,000,000 yen (about US$46,000) for every out he pitches, but loses 50,000,000 yen (US$460,000) for every point he gives up

Mouryou no Hako

October 7, 2008. Official Website

Based on a novel by Kyougoku Natsuhiko.

The story follows a series of bizarre murders of schoolgirls who have been dismembered and stuffed into boxes. The private investigator hired by a missing daughter’s mother joins forces with an antique book seller and others to unravel the murder spree.


October 9, 2008. Official Website

In a future where mankind is spread amongst the stars in the vastness of space, the TAITANIA family has been able to build a large empire through intimation and economic might. In the year 446, the city-state of EURIA rebels against the tyranny of TAITANIA control. Their isolated act of revolt starts a sequence of events which strains the careful alliances and agreements within the empire, as factions and associations take action to exploit the situation to their best advantage. In the ensuing turmoil, ambitious members of the Taitania Royalty begin to move against each other in an effort settle old grievances and seize control of the family. What started as an act of rebellion in EURIA, quickly expands to a civil war – with the wealth and power of the empire up for grabs for who ever is brave enough to aspire for it.

Based on a novel-inspired manga series written by TANAKA Yoshiki and illustrated GANTETSU, serialized in Shonen Sirius (Kodansha)

This has been described as being a complicated space opera or epic. The original story was published as a series of three novels (1988 thru 1991), and is open ended – as in no conclusion or ending was ever published!!

The series uses the same director (Noboru Ishiguro) and animation company (Artland) as the space-epic Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen

October 9, 2008. Official Website

Sequel of Nodame Cantabile. The new story arc will take place in Paris.

Junjou Romantica 2

October 11, 2008. Official Website

Sequel of the 1st season.

Misaki is suddenly having some unexpected and odd problems. What started as a need for some college entrance exam tutoring has somehow led him to being romanced by a suave older man who also happens to be his big brother’s best friend. Confused by all of his brand new emotions, Misaki struggles to deal with his suddenly very odd life. And if that wasn’t enough, his suitor, Usami, has plenty of issues of his own. A man-child who decorates his room in giant teddy bears and toys, Usami is a famous novelist who also writes steamy boys’ love novels on the side. When Misaki cracks open one of these books and reads sentences like “Misaki licks every inch of Usami’s hot body”…well, let’s just say that all hell breaks loose.


October 4, 2008. Official Website

Jin decided to use a piece of the sacred tree to carve a statue for his middle-school project and while moving it outside, it happens to touch the ground and transforms into a very cute girl. She is Nagi, a Shinto spirit, the guardian of the village and she is pissed that her sacred tree was cut down. Having no place to live, Nagi is forced to move in with Jin and tries to accept her new existence by taking out her anger in squashing bugs….er, cleaning the “Impurities”.

Nagi has a rival in a little sister guardian deity, who lives in a shrine located on the other side of the river. Well, Zenga-chan has woken up too and decides to become a top teen-idol of the village, much to Nagi’s dismay.

Based on (same-name) manga series authored and illustrated by TAKENASHI Eri, serialized in Comic REX.

To Aru Majutsu no Index

October 4, 2008. Official Website

Based on a light novel series by Kamachi Kazuma, illustrated by Haimura Kiyotaka.
Set in a city of scientifically advanced superhuman students, but in a world where magic is also real. Toma Kamijo’s right hand, the Imagine Breaker, will negate all magic, psychic, or divine powers, but not his own bad luck. One day he finds a young girl hanging on his balcony railing. She turns out to be a nun from the Church of England, and her mind has been implanted with the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum – all the magical texts the Church has removed from circulation.

Kemeko Deluxe!

October 4, 2008. Official Website

The high-school student Sanpeita dreamed he was engaged to a beautiful girl. Then one morning, a strange homely girl suddenly breaks through a wall in his bedroom to tell him that she is his bride and that her name is Kemeko. In order to escape, Sanpeita fled his house and went to school, but Kemeko follows. And things got only stranger when Sanpeita was targeted by something that looks like a rice cooker on the school’s rooftop. As Sanpeita and his childhood friend Izumi were being attacked, strange little Kemeko intervenes to save them both. Just who is Kemeko? Someone who claims to be Sanpeita’s new steel bride!?

Sanpeita is surprised to learn that Kemeko is really a girl-style powered-combat-suit and that the pilot is a cute girl. A heavily armed and violent girl perhaps, but still very cute.

Based on a manga by Iwasaki Masakazu, serialised in Dengeki Comic Gao.

Kurogane no Linebarrels

October 3, 2008. Official Website

Based on a shounen manga written by Shimizu Eiichi and illustrated by Shimoguchi Tomohiro, serialised in Champion RED.

Fourteen-year-old Kouichi Hayase’s life has always been a mediocre one, if not dismal. However, those days of being bullied by classmates and escaping to a fantasy of being a hero are put to an end when a certain “accident” bestows on him a girl and a gigantic humanoid robot called “LINEBARREL”. The extraordinary power that Kouichi obtains puts him and everything around him on a sudden rollercoaster ride of battles, intrigues and friendship! During the course of his adventure, the boy starts to learn what life has to offer; he meets new friends, bids farewell to the old ones, but most of all he now has considerable responsibilities and is forced to confront the world around him.

ef – a tale of melodies

October 6, 2008. Official Website

The sequel of ef – tales of memories

Plot of memories: The anime revolves around two protagonists, Hirono Hiro and Asou Renji. On Christmas Eve, Hirono Hiro meets a girl named Miyamura Miyako who was chasing a purse snatcher. Hiro later finds out that Miyako also goes to the same school as he does and they start hanging out together. This made Hiro’s childhood friend, Shindou Kei, feel left out. Kei then tries to compete with Miyako for Hiro’s affection and a love triangle ensues. The anime also tells the story of Asou Renji. Renji meets a girl named Shindou Chihiro at an abandoned train station. He soon learns that Chihiro suffers from a type of amnesia where her memory span only lasts for 13 hours. He also discovers Chihiro’s dream of writing a novel, but she has never been able to fulfill that dream due to her condition. Renji then decides to help her fulfill that dream.

Jigoku Shoujo: Mitsuganae

October 4, 2008. Official Website

The third season of Jigoku Shoujo.

Jigoku Shoujo, the Hell Girl. Enma Ai, what has become of her? At the end of last season she became separated from subordinates; so what will happen to Ichimoku Ren, Hone-Onna, and Wanyuudou now? What stories of hatred, lasting grudges, and revenge are being prepared for us this time?

Vampire Knight Guilty

October 6, 2008. Official Website

Yuuki wants to know more about her true family and her forgotten past and starts a research. The secret will be revealed. Yuki, Kaname and Zero will show the begining of a new mystery and a forbidden love.

Bihada Ichizoku

October 6, 2008. Official Website

There is a World Beautiful-Skin Competition (WBC) to which the 3 billion woman of the world aspire to win. Carrying on the 300-year legacy of the competition are twin Bihada sisters, Sara ans Saki.

Tentai Senshi Sunred

October 3, 2008. Official Website

Based on a seinen manga by Kubota Makoto, serialised in Young GanGan.

Hakushaku to Yousei

September 28, 2008. Official Website

The story is set in 19th century England and centers on a “fairy doctor” named Lydia. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets a legendary blue knight count named Edgar and his crew. He hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.

Noramimi 2

October 1, 2008. Official Website

Rosario to Vampire Capu2

October 1, 2008. Official Website

The new season is set to continue to follow the manga, introduce new characters from the manga and characters created strictly for the anime.

And thanks to Omni for his post.

[ANN, Anidb]


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