Nodame Cantabile: Paris hen ~ Review

Ah ~ A night from Paris

OP: 「SKY HIGH」 by The Gospellers


Nodame and Chiaki arrive in Paris and their story continues with new friends, challenges, more beautiful music and, of course, lots of Nodame gaffes and gyabos! Chiaki wants to make his presence known to Vieira Sensei by winning a competition for conductors, while homesick Nodame has her hands full coming to terms with her new surroundings.

I never thought that my sem break vacation isn’t too bad after all, after watching the first season for two days, I stalled watching all the new series from that day though I can’t stop watching To Aru, Toradora and Gundam 00 also made turned myself on to this. Oh! I love this anime and Mukyaa~~! I never thought out to be that this will be an excellent series for me.

Chiaki ~ Switchu!!!

Nodame and Chiaki have arrived on Paris still Chiaki has still problems on riding Planes and still clinging with phobia that made me envious (//_-)v, that made me think that on the first season when Nodame hypnotized Chiaki his’ attitude changed quite a bit.

Is that uhh?

That's not Washington!

Yeah, we've arrived! Now what?

Nodame: Gyabooo~~ Where’s Purigorota?! I want ’em now!

Chiaki: Baka~ you forgot to close the door.

Shana: Shut up, bitch.

Tanya: Who said that?

Frank: It’s only you, and your crap imagination.

Nodame (in french): I’m a housewive and this is my husband.

Nodame: Help, call the police, I’ve been raped.

Realizing that Nodame can’t speak French very well, Nodame brought a dictionary and read some amusing words.


And the Otaku Hug!!! No not the D!!!

What ish Chiaki doin’?

The Next Day~

More Purigorota! More French!

Frank: Nodame, can you at least go home…

Nodame: Oh no you don’t! Until you’ll become a real Otaku! O_O

ED: 「東京 et 巴里」(Tokyo et Paris) by Emiri Miyamoto x Solita


I loved this series since episode two, never try asking why not ep.1 of the first season. Classical music and how they put it have done a lot of effort and originality. More CG, Comedy and never-ending classical songs made my heart at ease. Frankly I love this shoujo series, I never loved any shoujo genre in my life.

This is one of the most excellent series that I’ve watched all time. I’m astounded by its story and added classical music.

I’m inspecting mistakes, it’s very hard to determine, perhaps I want to be “*a wanna-be-conductor*.”

The animation is more clearer than the first season and higher quality.

Nodame seems changing and Chiaki seems to be more strict than before, I was hoping Chiaki would be so very nice  to Nodame, now I think that’s a different story.

Art: A+, Story Plot: A,  Voice: A-, Music: A, Climax: A+


2 Responses to “Nodame Cantabile: Paris hen ~ Review”

  1. 1 Akih Friday, November 7, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Thanks so much for the review.. yeah Nodame Cantabile is probably at the top of the shojo series that I’ve watched as well. I want to them to make a 3rd season as well but I’m not too sure if that will happen ^-^;

  2. 2 An-tan Sunday, November 16, 2008 at 4:23 pm

    I don’t think Chiaki is stricter. To me it seems his soften up quite a bit. Actually I could say he was like one of my teachers was in the beginning and now he’s more like my favorite teacher always have been. And that’s quite a change.
    But Nodame Cantabile totally is one of my top2 favorite series. 😀

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