Moving in…

After a few days not on the online world because of school, I decided to move on to a boarding school.



I don’t know whether they will allow me to bring a laptop and install my broadband and I don’t know if I’ll get much online though because of being harem busy but with this I’ll make sure I’m ok with this Top secret keikaku.

From Laguna province to capital region called “Manila” from the Philippines, and I hate the place such called.
I’m packing things for tomorrow and got to get ready to bring some otaku and moe stuffs and I don’t want to bring my school stuffs yeah like hell, I’m gonna get busy again myself and have more time on my stuffs online.

I’m truly excited not only this but, hell, I’m going to a girls dorm, boys of course aren’t allowed except me, I don’t know how and why, I’m still wondering why “I’m allowed, uhh… girl’s dorm?” Yeah, I’m happy of course.

So, I decided to rent myself a room below the dorm the upper floors are for the girl’s dormitories and below are the landlady’s room and for me, and oh please I hate rules and I want myself to do the rules myself. ^^; It’s the part of the Keikaku.

Moe and time management means serious business and I like to go with the plan.

I’m beginning to receive question “How did you rented such place?

For me, it’s a secret.


1 Response to “Moving in…”

  1. 1 geohound Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 5:05 am

    oh man, you’re going to girl’s dorm? anyway, I wish that this site will still be updated even though you’ll go to that dorm of yours

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