New “Unnamed” Gundam Series


Kadokawa’s Shoten mag, focusses on Gundams, Anime Newtype Gundam Ace has announced that the new unnamed Gundam series which is said for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Gundam franchise industry.

Hajime Katoki will design the new mecha “RX-78-7 mobile suit”.


Tatsuya Suzuki for the Character Designs.

Hugues Couraud 32-year-old officer in command of the Earth Federation’s Phantom Sweep Team. The special operations unit is ordered to hunt down the remnants of the losing Zeon forces after the end of the One Year War of the first Gundam series. When he was young, he once had his entire unit wiped out.

The other main character from the Phantom Sweep Team is a 24-year-old woman named Sherry Allison. She was a test pilot for prototype units, but she has been assigned to the special operations team to fill its ranks. On the opposing Zeon side is Eric Blanke, a 20-year-old male officer born to a prominent family in the Principality of Zeon. He is leading the counteroffensive unit named Invincible Knights to avenge the Zeons’ loss to the Earth Federation.

The story is set in 0081 of the Universal Calendar, one year after end of the One Year War. While peace and order are being restored to the world, small-scale battles still crop up here and there due to Zeon remnants continuing to offer resistance. A veteran Earth Federation officer assigned to mopping up the remaining Zeon forces, and a young officer executing a top secret operation to revive the Zeons, cross paths on this new battlefield.

Source News via ANN

7 Responses to “New “Unnamed” Gundam Series”

  1. 1 gordon Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 1:19 am

    it’s good news as long as it’s not another gundam seed sequel.

  2. 2 kadian1364 Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 2:51 am

    I’m not really high on Gundam 00 either. Maybe they figured out that UC is the only timeline where they can make good Gundam shows?

  3. 3 Kiri Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    I was wondering when they’d make another UC show. I tend to gravitate more towards AC timelines, but Destiny and 00 have been supremely disappointing, soooo time for a change! Yes!

  4. 4 Shinn Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 12:04 am

    Great….Sounds shitty….

    Gundam Seed and Gundam 00 were the greatest additions to date to the Gundam franchise. They need to continue building on their successes rather reverting back to the past. I have doubts on this series from what I’ve heard and now after reading that story plot above.

    Well good luck to it I suppose lol. …you guys hating on Gundam 00 up there…..have you even WATCHED it? It seems fashionable now to say it’s shit without even giving it a chance, I’d recommend watching it, it’s like watching a captivating movie.

  5. 5 Athrun Zala Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Listen up Shinn, I am now watching 00 season 2, ok HD is great and I wish they remaster SEED (original) in HD 1280×720. But until now 00 didn’t meet my expectations, the characters are gay, all of them except the chinese chick which I still can’t memorise her name. Still I am a little excited to know about the UC original gundam especially in HD because most of us out there wouldn’t want to watch it in that creepy 70’s animation picture. SEED is my first and last gundam I guess! heck I like the word Cosmic Era ^-^ ,I miss my GAT-X303 Aeg|s I hope they go back to C.E but not destiny shit !!! especially shinn

  6. 6 Gundam Fanatic Monday, April 6, 2009 at 3:16 am

    OK. now here is the thing. 1 seed was ok for upstart gundam fans not diehard originals. 2. 00 was the make up gunam series for destin. though people like only certain timelines, the timelines csnt be compared to each other on an even playing field. causethe outright difference between uc, ac, aw, cc, etc… they are all seperate universes. the only time they can e compared is if they make a Super robot wars gundam cross universe series.and that would suck. they all have their ups and downs. as for the new series it just seems like an update of 8th ms team meets 0083 in hd. it just seems everyone is rebooting old serieses like dbz with dbkai, or fma. so think it is just a reboot until someone either comes out with an origional gundam idea or does 00 season 3. personallyi’d rather see some mangas turn into animes like blue divers, astrey, or (the best one in my opinion) crossbone.

  7. 7 Vics 2 Cents Monday, April 20, 2009 at 6:01 am

    your all crazy. Gundam seed thru destiny is one of the best gundam franchise series. 00 was great too in its own way. hope fully this new one will be good. maybe theyll even put a really crazy strong gundam like the double X, that’d be cool.

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