Media Gets Ratings for Misinterpreting Rape Game Ban


VisualArt’s Takahiro Baba and Hiroyuki Kanno are the people who downplayed on Media “TBS Television” that Japan is banning Rape Games.

Baba reports on this matter, TBS TV Station stated about the game Illusion’s Rapelay, the station misinterpreted EOCS or Ethics Organization of Computer Software about banning Rape Games from the earlier coverage.

According to the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS):

1. TBS came to them to do a coverage on the Rapelay thing
2. They accepted the interviews, but TBS had edited the footage and misrepresented EOCS’s intended stance (as usual by TBS)
3. They just got another request for a 2nd interview the other day
4. They rejected the request because of what happened at point #2
5. The news report by TBS appears out of the blue


Chairman Hiroyuki Kanno of Abel comments on the supposed Rape Game Ban but it is suddenly removed. Urgent meeting is scheduled for June 2 about this matter, there will be no firm statement until the said date.

For exact details wait till the meeting on the 2nd of June. The TBS news report came completely without warning even for eroge makers. Nobody has any information about this.

TBS as usual has jumped the gun and exaggerated everything. If it is really decided that rape games will be regulated we’ll definitely at least have till past July to comply. The used game market will probably still be OK. The EOCS is currently in a situation where they might lose to outside pressure so please help them!

It hasn’t been decided that rape games will be regulated, they still have to listen to the opinions of all the member companies so something like that won’t be passed that easily. But we can’t be optimistic about this.

– Comment came from 2ch — (Person on the Eroge Industry)



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