PSPGo’s Featured and Displayed

PSPGo’s Features and further features for the non-gamers as well.

The PSPGo is sold over a price of USD 249.99 which means it has the same price of the PSP PHAT which was first released on North America with a start also of USD 249 on March 2005, but in Japan it is only sold for about 181 USD. Almost 27.6% difference of since Dec. 2004.

But the doesn’t matter. The only main difference is the External Points of the Console:

  • 16GB of internal/integrated drive
  • Doesn’t have any UMD Slots, compared to any PSP Consoles
  • Also it is 50% lighter than the Usual PSP-Phat, and also about 43% Slimmer.
  • It is a “Stock-keeping unit“.

Also the PSPGo will be availing for the customer 16,000 of digital download which has a majority of movies and TV shows, also there will be about 225 UMD digital games.

And also featured about the PSP Minis.



1 Response to “PSPGo’s Featured and Displayed”

  1. 1 gamesplayers Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 2:46 am

    i’m going to buy a pspgo to watch tv on the go

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