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Manga “Yumeki Merry” — Anime Adaptation!

Ushiki Yoshitaka’s 『Yumeki Merry / 夢喰いメリー』 “Merry Nightmare” Manga will be having an anime adaptation.

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Manga “To Love-ru” will be having a New Anime Adaptation!

Based on a shounen manga written by Hasemi Saki and illustrated by Yabuki Kentarou, serialised in Weekly Shounen Jump. 『To Love-ru / To LOVEる』 manga will be having a New Anime Adaptation!

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“Beelzebub” — Anime Adaptation!

Tamura Ryuhei’s  『Beelzebub / べるぜバブ』 has been announced to get an Anime Adaptation.
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Manga “Koe de Oshigoto!” will be having an Anime Adaptation

Azure Konno‘s manga 『Koe de Oshigoto! / こえでおしごと!』 will be having an Anime Adaptation!
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Bishoujo Game “Yosuga no Sora” — Anime Adaptation

ハネ – @ Pixiv

Sphere‘s 『Yosuga no Sora / ヨスガノソラ』 which is originally from a Bishoujo Game which was released on 2008 and it has announced on its volume 1 of the manga that it will be having an anime adaptation on the cover manga.

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“Kodomo no Jikan” to be Revived — Anime Adaptation

Manga Kodomo no Jikan vol. 8th has announced the return of the series anime adaptation “Kodomo no Jikan”.

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Hiyoki — Anime Adaptation

Hiyokoi/ ひよ恋』 a manga by Yukimaru Moe, a shoujo comedy manga series has been adapted to Anime.

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