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Li shenshungI’m bored writing on this About page but I should write anyways, started writing blogs since the bottom month of the archives. I love researching, looking on cute things, not much an otaku but more like a switch otaku, on and off as they say.

I like watching anime since the day I discovered it, also on manga adaptation, I like most genre that are in Drama, Comedy, harem and an example of this is Ken Akamatsu’s works. Most of the time I’m on to forums, playing my PSP, and also studying. I love moe, my favorite moe is Tsundere, All I can say is my hobby is an inevitable leisure pursuit. Eating is my hobby.

Almost all are games (definitely some PSP games) and news, almost everything on that place is like my favorite, so I’ll often post on this.

Screen name: tflops

Twitter, MAL

Contact me @ terragiaflops AT yahoo DOT com

Just stay away from useless things which can make you feel uneasy!<-Please highlight and read on what he said or else…

Ok, forgot what I have said. <

Co-media creator: Ichii-01


Ichii-01 is a 21 year old lolicon who currently studies on his 4th year as Bachelor of Science: Information Technology, he is currently working part-time on Cream Studio here in the Philippines.

He displays his creativity in art, drawings, and currently working on stuffs here in this blog, motivated by this things although his profession is different on what he likes, he really likes doing things but somehow he is VERY lazy (don’t ask why I highlighted that), although his timid. A loli lover and maybe a pedophile.

<- His meido work. Although this work is somewhat for a post, but meh. Whatever.

Ichii’s Deviant Art

Contact him @ raph_0001 AT yahoo [dot] com

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