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“11eyes” TV series will be getting an OVA

Adapted from the original adult game/eroge by Lass, 11eyes will be getting an OVA.

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“Shin Koihime†Musou” — 2nd Season Announced!

Shin Koihime†Musou a fantasy, supernatural series, an adaptation of the BaseSon’s eroge has announced that there will be a 2nd season on this alternative series.

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“Tantei Opera Milky Holmes” PSP Game has been Anime Adapted

Announced on “Bushido Senryaku Happyou-kai 2010” that the game will have its anime adaptation.

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“Quiz Magical Academy” – OVA 2

Delicious meido image

Quiz Magical Academy / クイズマジックアカデミー OVA 2』  ~Futatsu no Jikou-Seki~ has been announced.

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Final Fantasy XIII has been Announced its Release date!


The most promising game of the year comes the announcement of the release of the game “Final Fantasy XIII.

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How would you spend your time playing games?


Obsessed? Past time? Just killing time? Or it is just addictive? Survey shows.

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[Console] Tales of Vesperia 2 — Confirmed?


Namco Bandai’s Gen. Manager, Makoto Yoshizumi about making a sequel for “Tales of Vesperia.”

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